Seduction Rules

This is mainly an overview of what’s contained in the Maid RPG book, for the players’ (and my) convenience.

Seducing Walkthrough

  1. Anyone can be seduced (other players or npc’s), and gender doesn’t matter.
  2. Seducer uses primarily Affection or Cunning for their roll, but another stat may be used if the GM approves. The Seducer may not use favor to boost their Seduction roll.
  3. Seducee can use any stat they wish to resist. The Seducee may use favor to resist being Seduced.
  4. The Seducee must roll to resist. However, since they get to choose which stat they use to resist, using a low-level stat could help become seduced if the player so desires. The Seducer gets a penalty(-1) to their role for each previous unsuccessful Seduction attempt on the same person.
  5. Players must role-play using their stat of choice.
  6. If the Seducer rolls higher, the target is then seduced. However, if the Seducee rolls higher, the seduction attempt fails. The Seducee does not take any stress damage for failing the roll (although he/she is then seduced). The Seducer does take stress damage if they fail the seduction attempt.
  7. It is possible for characters to seduce each other, it just requires separate attempts.

Seducing the Master

  • If a maid or butler fails at seducing the Master, he or she not only takes Stress as usual, but loses 2D6 points of Favor.
  • If the game is using the master creation rules (which this one is) and a maid with the Master’s favorite Maid Type is making a seduction attempt, the player can roll two dice and take the higher one for the roll.
  • If the Master is being seduced, maids and butlers can opt to spend their Favor to boost the seducer’s chances (though the Master has to assent to this assistance). Furthermore, if other maids or butlers are present, they can use appropriate role-playing to disrupt the seduction attempt, and thereby add their own roll results to the Master’s roll to resist. It can be like a tug-of-war!

Effects of Seduction

The Seducer:
  • Bonus – The seducer automatically succeeds in any combat against the seduced. (Which means he or she can give orders and always be obeyed).
  • Penalty – Because the seducer in effect takes on the role of Master for his or her partner, he or she must award Favor points to them, following the same guidelines as for Masters. However, the seducer does not get to take Favor points away from them as a Master can. Furthermore, if the Master is seduced, the seducer does not receive any extra Favor beyond what would normally be awarded. She can’t force the Master to give her extra Favor points, for example.
The Seduced:
  • Bonus – The seduced can receive Favor from a second source in addition to the Master.
  • Penalty – The seduced automatically loses to the seducer in combat rolls.
  • Penalty – If a character is seduced by multiple people at the same time and they give him or her conflicting orders, those seducers must make a contested roll to see whose order gets followed. However, the seduced takes any Stress from this roll instead of the seducer.

Romantic Activities

While in a relationship such as this, the actions of the Seducer can reduce or increase the amount of stress felt by the Seducee in the following ways. If the two characters have seduced each other, both feel the effects of these actions.

Action Stress Notes
Word of Love from Partner -1d6 Must say something new each time to count
Kissing with Partner -1d6 -3d6 stress for the first kiss with each partner. Only once per session
Partner Works Hard for You -(1 to 4)d6 Ranging from a present to self-sacrifice, GM’s discretion
Clearly Insulted by Partner +1d6 Must say something new each time to count
Betrayed or Abandoned +2d6 +3d6 for the first time
Fight(Argument) with Partner +2d6 +3d6 for the first time
Partner Seduces Someone Else +(1 to 4)d6 Upon first discovering this, depends on circumstances and whom
Partner Seduced by Someone Else +(1 to 4)d6 Upon first discovering this, depends on circumstances and whom

Final Notes

  • I’d like to remind everyone that we’re playing a silly game here, so we’re not going for anything highly-sexual. Try to keep it within the realm of silliness.
  • On that same note, we’re not using the tragedy rules. Tragedies would most likely make the game particularly dark, so we’re just passing them over.

Seduction Rules

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