Kazue and Hideyo's Room

Because Hideyo-san insisted, she and her apprentice are sharing the one available empty (non-guest) room. She says it’s so she can keep a more watchful eye on her pupil, but it’s probably best not to walk in on them if they’re there.

Because the two women are very different, personality-wise, the room is a strange mish-mash of the two’s preferences. Kazue-chan tends to try and fill the room with stuffed animals and eye-pleasing colors. Her bed is very comfortable, and her blanket is very pleasing to the touch.

On the other hand, Hideyo-san tries to fill the room with objects used in her ‘hobby’. Handcuffs, chains, ropes, and other assorted restraining devices are hung around the room. Her bed is more of a stretcher one would find in an insane asylum, complete with leather straps to hold her down. While uncomfortable-looking to the average onlooker, she insists the straps (which she needs Kazue-chan’s assistance to get in/out of) are extremely comforting.

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Kazue and Hideyo's Room

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