Goshujin Piece

Orange Cream's diary for June 26, 2010

Morning exercise: stretches, yoga (60 min. hatha, 30 min. kundalini), 2 klick run (had to carry Terumi-chan for most of it again).

Mitsue-chan’s skirt tucked into panties this morning. Looked uncomfortable to me; just don’t understand modern fashion. Made streusel for coffee cake upon getting back. Terumi-chan baked coffee cake while mostly asleep, but did v. well. Siobahn-san and Mitsue-chan cooked breakfast with no mishaps. Almost eerie. V. impressive improvement on their parts. Nakae-sama alerted us that with Nasu permanent part of the household, two more maids were being sent to the mansion and would arrive today.

(As noted above, Terumi-chan continues to fall asleep constantly. She is surprisingly functional when technically unconscious, but her ability to fall asleep during and sleep through things like cardio exercise and cooking is becoming worrisome. Should probably seek medical attention for her soon; not sure Ujie family benefits would cover it, but if not I will pay for it.)

While washing breakfast dishes, three yankees entered the kitchen; said they wanted to “pummel” Nasu. Sympathized, but not allowed to allow that, even if it is Nasu. Escorted two out the door despite some attempt at passive resistance on their part. Terumi-chan cunningly lured the third out with cookies. Came back in and started cleaning out yankee infestation, starting with four on upstairs overlook into foyer – offered less resistance than JEDF training dummies, but first time sparring in two years felt good. Terumi-chan and I found Nasu and other maids in office (Morie-san guarding Nakae-sama in secret passages), split up mansion, cleaned out yankees. Told they were Nasu’s old gang. Figures.

Afterward, was having celebratory cookie in foyer when noticed new maids Hideyo-chan (chain bracelet, clinking luggage) and Kazue-chan (hair ribbon and glasses) standing in door. Perhaps not best introduction to mansion. (Heard Hideyo-chan mention something about whipping cream after our introduction; ask about that?) (Friendliness note: Kazue-chan… overdeveloped. Offer to loan leathers for figure control?)



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