Goshujin Piece

It Was Quiet...

Something was Fishy

It started out quietly enough that day. So quiet, in fact, that it was just like one of those days where it’s quiet right before something odd happens. The masters were out of the house, accompanied by Morie-chan, on a visit to the main household. Around lunchtime, Cream-chan was out riding around on her scooter, Terumi-chan was napping (as she is prone to do), and Siobahn-san was making herself a sandwich in the kitchen. Hideyo-san and Kazue-chan, oddly enough, had not been seen all day.

Terumi-chan reached a state of near-awakeness and stumbled into the kitchen looking for cookies. Failing that, and remarkably not mistaking Siobahn-san or Mitsue-chan as cookies, she settled for a large container of milk and stumbled away like a drunk with a bottle of booze. She returned a few minutes later with the nearly empty milk container, returned it, then rushed to the bathroom. Siobahn-san and Mitsue-chan largely ignored her, as they were used to her antics by now, and continued their small talk (while Siobahn-san worked at her sandwich).

But lunch is interrupted by an inevitable muffled explosion in the direction of the north wing. Siobahn-san leads the expedition to the northern wing to discover the source of the noise, carrying with her 1/3 of a sandwich and accompanied by Mitsue-chan and Terumi-chan, whom stay far enough back to use Siobahn-san as a shield. Arriving at the north wing, nothing is obviously out of place. Siobahn-san and Mitsue-chan call out to the quiet corridor, and in response hear some strangely muffled voices coming from the direction of the maid bedrooms.

The evidence so far is suspicious: Hideyo-san and Kazue-chan are talking in very muffled voices inside their room, there is some sort of liquid seeping into the carpet from the bottom of the doorway, a slight fishy smell, and the door doesn’t sound right when Siobahn-san knocks on it. The door is unlocked, so Siobahn-san opens the door…

... And finds herself staring at a room filled almost to the top with purple, jell-o like fluid. Terumi-chan dives right in, just as the liquid starts flowing out of the room and into the hallway. Siobahn-san fights bravely to save the last few bites of her sandwich, but it is all in vain as Hideyo-san, carried by the flow of the purple substance, crashes into Siobahn-san’s legs.

As the deluge subsides, the maids start recollecting themselves. Mitsue-chan discovers the sticky liquid which smells like fish also has the strange ability to prevent her teleportation from working. It was at that moment Cream-chan returned from her ride, still dressed in her very tight riding suit. Taking command of the purple, sticky maids, she quickly rooted out what happened. Hideyo-san and Kazue-chan had been trying to recreate a powerful cleaner from homemade chemicals, but apparently their recipe was incorrect. From the sound of it, the problem centered around the same sort of chemicals Cream-chan herself had accidentally used several weeks prior to this event.

The six quickly clean the hallway, so that nobody would be able to tell anything out of the ordinary happened. Siobahn-san, Mitsue-chan, and Terumi-chan go to wash up while Cream-chan supervises Hideyo-san and Kazue-chan as they clean their room. Hideyo-san seemed keen to try the recipe again, but Cream-chan overruled.

The masters returned later that evening, smelled fish, and were promptly treated to a fish supper.



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