Goshujin Piece

Grin and Bare It

Maids bare with it

The day started like any other. Unless you count several of the maids waking up to discover their panties were missing. This discovery was followed by several minutes of confusion and anxiety by the maids as they briefly searched for their lost undergarments. Terumi-chan went to ask Cream-chan if she knew where they were, and got roped into helping her change after her morning bike ride. Oddly, Cream-chan apparently had not had her underwear stolen, and she had begun wondering about it when new maid to the house Kazue-chan walks in and is elected to fasten Cream-chan’s buckles. After complying, and subsequent teasing, Kazue-chan runs out of the room, with her face bright red.

Meanwhile, Mitsue-chan had been checking on the laundry, hoping someone had just taken her unmentionables to be washed, but to no success. After giving up, the maids head to the kitchen, where Siobahn-san and newcomer Hideyo-san had already started preparing breakfast. It was difficult to tell if Hideyo-san had lost her belongings, as the maids were still getting used to her, but it became obvious Siobahn-san had likely lost hers because of her seemingly foul, quiet mood.

Due to overcrowding, Mitsue-chan and Cream-chan volunteer to set the table, and spend the time conspiring to check Nasu-sama’s room for the missing possessions. It’s unlikely he’d do such a thing, since he’s a bit of a wuss, but he is the only male in the house. But if it’s not him, the only other suspects would be the new maids, and would likely be searched next.

During breakfast, it becomes apparent that even the mighty Morie-chan had her pantsu stolen. Nakae-sama revealed her possessions were taken as well, but seemed unperturbed since she assumed it was Nasu-sama anyway. Mitsue-chan takes the opportunity to excuse herself to the bathroom (even though vampires have no use for such things), and instead used her teleportation abilities to reach and search Nasu-sama’s room. However, the only things she finds are a few ‘books’ that Nasu-sama took great pains to hide.

Returning to the dining room, Mitsue-chan guiltily confesses searching Nasu-sama’s room. Plans are made to search the rest of the house, but Siobahn-chan is oddly quiet and depressed. Apparently, she was deeply saddened by the fact no one had mentioned how good her cooking was that morning, despite it was the first time she’d ever done so well. But a quick word of encouragement from Nakae-sama was enough to pull her out of that slump.

Before the search can begin, Cream-chan notices a strange man hanging upside down from a rope outside the window. He quickly pulls himself up to the roof, and Mitsue-chan teleports to give chase. But this intruder is elusive, and a chase proceeds throughout the entire mansion (and some of the back yard). Highlights of the chase include Siobahn-chan leaping from the upstairs stairway to try and catch the man (but fails miserably and falls on her face), Cream-chan trying to copy the man’s impressive superhuman abilities by leaping the entire length of the pool in a single bound (she falls in and ends up sopping wet), and Terumi-chan throwing an impressively aimed shoe right into the man’s face from the other side of the mansion.

The chase is brought to an end in the game room where, the maids (minus Cream-chan and Kazue-chan, the latter being dragged along to help the former change into dry clothing) confront the perverted butler and his equally perverted master, who turns out to be Nakae-sama’s older brother, Ujie Hirataka-sama. There, the maids listen to a conversation between the masters revealing many key bits of information regarding how Nasu-sama came to inherit the family business.



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