Typical Day

This is the typical that takes place in the Ujie Manor when nothing else happens. But just because it’s “typical”, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not a free-for-all occasionally…

Time of Day Activity 1 Activity 2 Activity 3
Post-Dawn Wake Master Cook Breakfast
Breakfast Eat Breakfast /w Master!
Morning Morning Work ‘Help’ Master Lounging
Noon Prepare Lunch
Lunch Eat Lunch /w Master!
Afternoon Afternoon Work ‘Help’ Master Lounging
Evening Prepare Dinner
Dinner Eat Dinner /w Master!
Post-Dinner Wash Dishes Bathtime!
Nighttime Free Time
Bedtime Sleep ?

Generic ‘Work’ can be just about anything that needs getting done in the mansion. Laundry, dusting, sweeping, gardening, and washing dishes are a few examples. The same task cannot be performed twice in the same day (except for washing dishes after dinner).

“Help” Master is essentially hanging out with the Master for this time period. Only one maid at a time can do this each time period. While Nakae-sama enjoys having someone around, she can start getting annoyed with a maid that doesn’t do any work. The Master can do whatever she wants, but frequently plays video games. Hope you like video games…

Lounging means essentially taking a break for this time period. It helps relieve stress through relaxation, and while Nakae-sama doesn’t mind the maids taking the occasional break, a maid could lose favor taking too many breaks without doing work.

During Bathtime, up to two maids can take a bath with Nakae-sama, attending to her bathtime needs (washing her back, washing her hair, drying afterwards, etc).

The night time Free Time is available for doing whatever the maids feel like doing. For those that didn’t take a bath with the master, this often means taking a bath alone in the servant’s bathroom.

Typical Day

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