The Mansion and General Info

The time period is right at the beginning of 2010. Television, computers, and the internet are pretty much standard everywhere. Even in Japan, in the middle of the mountains, miles from any large cities.

Standing alone at such a site is the Ujie Manor. And it’s probably a good thing it’s in the middle of nowhere, considering it’s such an eyesore. But that’s hardly important for our purposes.

The mansion is two-stories, and shaped like a horseshoe. The front has a circular driveway that’s rarely used, and connects to the nearby road. Along the driveway is a short hedge all the way down to the road. Along the front of the house is a flowerbed full of various carnations.

In the middle is a large swimming pool that does wonders for keeping residents cool during the summer. Surrounding the pool is an impressive garden full of flowers and cherry trees, which is perfect for taking a relaxing stroll through if the weather permits. During daytime hours, one can have a very impressive view of the surrounding mountains.

First Floor

The first floor contains the rooms and facilities for the household servants, as well as the only kitchen, dining room, and living room used by all residents. One main entrance at the center of the house leads to the driveway out front, while there are three doorways that lead out to the back garden and eventually to the pool. There are four stairways that can take residents upstairs: two spiral staircases in the entrance hall, and one normal set of stairs in each wing.

Second Floor

The primary dwelling place of the Master and any guests she might be entertaining. But since there’s rarely any guests, this floor is mainly used by the Master alone. In the off-chance there is a guest, there are four rooms available on this floor. The secondary master bedroom serves mostly as a guest room for important family members (assuming any actually come).

In one wing of the mansion, there is a billiard room. Since Nakae-sama is still a little too short to play, this room is mostly used by maids if they have time off. In the opposite wing, there is a library with many books of various genres. This room is largely ignored by Nakae-sama in favor of what’s next door: a gaming room with every gaming system available. There’s also quite an extensive collection of games, although RPG’s are the most numerous.

The Mansion and General Info

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