Siobahn's Letter


I have been called away to report to the main household. You’ve all been doing so well, I have faith you can get by for a day or two without my guidance. Don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll all do well!

Remember to ‘help’ Terumi-chan out of bed, as she has trouble with mornings. Somebody will need to wake master as well, and tend to her needs in my place. Simply dressing her is not enough! Open the blinds, open the windows, let some light and some air into her room. Ask her how she is doing. Tend to any requests, as is done at all times.

We have a guest now! Please take special care to look after Yasutsune-san and help him acclimate to our home. Cook him breakfast, lunch and dinner, answer any of his questions, make him feel comfortable, tend to any of his requests. Find his coat and put it away. I suspect he’s hidden it somewhere. It needs to go on the coat rack in the closet, as is done with all men’s coats.

Otherwise, continue as is normal for any other given day. Remember to take a break if you’re feeling stressed or fatigued, but at the same time don’t unload too much work onto your peers. Be kind and fair to each other. I want to hear no complaints from anybody upon my return.

Oh, and if somebody could remove that odd stain on the bathroom floor, I’d appreciate it.


Siobahn's Letter

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