Since I have little experience running campaigns, no experience running a Maid RPG campaign, and I do not believe the players have played a Maid RPG campaign, the following will apply:

  1. The players may choose, among themselves, to have a “Head Maid”. It is not required, and if they choose not to have one, there will not be one.
  2. Regardless of a character’s original nationality, the player should endeavor to make sure his character uses the appropriate name suffixes (-san, -sama, etc). This rule can be disregarded if the character is sufficiently close enough to another character to not need a suffix.
  3. The players cannot start random events.
  4. The players cannot change costumes.
  5. There will be no Seduction play.

These rules are to keep the game under control while we figure out how to play, and settle into our roles. In all likelyhood, the bans will be lifted as we learn the game.


Goshujin Piece RuadvinII