Tag: Room


  • Bathroom

    A fairly comfortable modern bath, done in the style of a Japanese public bathhouse. Not overly spacious, but enough for 2-3 people. Don’t forget to wash yourself off before taking a soak. [[:siobahn | Siobahn]]-chan once removed some mold from the tile …

  • Changing Room

    Remove clothing articles here before bathing. Connects to the [[Bathroom | Bathroom]]. Back to [[Mansion Rooms | Mansion Rooms]].

  • Toilet Room

    There’s a toilet and a sink here. Remember to wash your hands before resuming work! Back to [[Mansion Rooms | Mansion Rooms]].

  • Storage Room

    Various cleaning tools and other household items are stored here. Back to [[Mansion Rooms | Mansion Rooms]].

  • Kitchen

    Where food is prepared daily. Unless takeout is ordered. Back to [[Mansion Rooms | Mansion Rooms]].

  • Gallery

    Miniature museum displaying paintings and vases purchased by the Ujie family. Back to [[Mansion Rooms | Mansion Rooms]].

  • Closet

    A place for storing coats of the residents and visitors. Back to [[Mansion Rooms | Mansion Rooms]].

  • Office

    A room for conducting business related to the upkeep of the mansion, and other family affairs. Needless to say, it’s rarely used by [[:nakae | Nakae]]-sama. Back to [[Mansion Rooms | Mansion Rooms]].

  • Dining Room

    The residents gather here to take their meals. Back to [[Mansion Rooms | Mansion Rooms]].

  • Entrance Hall

    The first spacious hallway people see when they first arrive through the main entrance. Back to [[Mansion Rooms | Mansion Rooms]].

  • Living Room

    Where residents go when they just wish to lounge around, or perhaps where parties take place. There is a large, flat screen, HD television set with over 300 channels here as well. Back to [[Mansion Rooms | Mansion Rooms]].

  • Main Entrance

    The main entryway of the mansion. Back to [[Mansion Rooms | Mansion Rooms]].

  • Hara Mitsue's Room

    [[:mitsue | Hara Mitsue]]-chan's bedroom is rather stark. The curtains are heavy, designed to limit sunlight. There is a desk and chair. There are no picture or posters. Nothing that adds life and character here. Utilitarian is the word that best …

  • Nikki Terumi's Room

    [[:terumi | Terumi]]-chan's room is empty but for the things that came with her room (just a futon and a hangers in a small closet), as all of her money goes directly to her parents. The only things she owns is her school uniform and her maid uniform, and …

  • Orange Cream's Room

    This bedroom looks like a cheap motel room, or a college dorm room that hasn’t been claimed. Everything is perfectly made up, but there’s nothing personal evident to show the room even has an owner. The desk shows only a few pencils, and a smallish, mid- …

  • Siobahn's Room

    [[:siobahn | Siobahn]]-chan's room is clean and tidy, one bed, one desk, one chair. She has a tall, thin bookshelf in which she keeps her modicrum of books, the occasional gift or purchase. A rack on the wall holds a half-dozen bokken for reasons …

  • Itakura Morie's Room

    [[:morie | Morie]]-chan’s room is sparsely decorated. The only feature that stands out from normal is a set of katana on her dresser she received from her father for completing their families basic ninjitsu training. They’ve never been unsheathed, since …

  • Guest Bedroom

    Bedrooms prepared for any guests that stay for the night. Rarely used. Back to [[Mansion Rooms | Mansion Rooms]].

  • Billiard Room

    Just because I’m fairly certain at least one of the players likes to play billiards. Also because billiards is fun. Back to [[Mansion Rooms | Mansion Rooms]].

  • Game Room

    Just about every top-of-the-line video game system can be found in this room, along with a large HD television set. [[:nakae | Nakae]]-sama can be found here often. Back to [[Mansion Rooms | Mansion Rooms]].

  • Library

    A wide selection of books are here, in a variety of genres. Self-help books are available as well. Back to [[Mansion Rooms | Mansion Rooms]].

  • Master Bathroom

    Used by the Master and any guests more than the servants, these are more spacious than the servants’ baths. It might be possible to squeeze 2-3 people into one of these... Connects to [[Master Changing Room | Master Changing Room]]. Back to [[ …

  • Master Changing Room

    The changing room for the Master’s bathroom. Not much is different between this one and the servants’ one. Connects to the [[Master Bathroom | Master Bathroom]]. Back to [[Mansion Rooms | Mansion Rooms]].

  • Master Toilet Room

    Yes, there’s a toilet here. There’s also a sink! But since this one is used by the Master (and guests), the handle fixtures are plated in gold. Also, the toilet seat can be heated before use. Back to [[Mansion Rooms | Mansion Rooms]].

  • View of Entrance Hall

    Looking down, a person has a good view of the Entrance Hall below. Just don’t be mean and spit, or toss anything down there. You might hit someone. Back to [[Mansion Rooms | Mansion Rooms]].

  • Master Bedroom

    [[:nakae | Nakae]]-sama's room, being the primary Master Bedroom of the mansion, is quite spacious. One can determine Nakae-sama’s love of plush, as nearly everything is extremely soft to the touch. She also has a vast collection of plushies, kept on her …

  • Secondary Master Bedroom

    [[:nasu | Nasu Yasutsune]]-san has been given the secondary Master Bedroom to use as his own. It has a comfortable bed, some dressers, and that’s about it. Considering he hasn’t been here long, that shouldn’t be too surprising. Back to [[Mansion Rooms …

  • Kazue and Hideyo's Room

    Because [[:hideyo | Hideyo]]-san insisted, she and her [[:kazue | apprentice]] are sharing the one available empty (non-guest) room. She says it's so she can keep a more watchful eye on her pupil, but it's probably best not to walk in on them if they're …