Ujie Tameno

The Second Eldest Child of the Prestigious Ujie Family


Gender: Female
Master Type: [Natural Born]
Age: 17

Master Special Qualities: [Capable Sibling] and [Artist]
Power Source: [Blood Ties] and [Assets]

Favorite Maid Type: [Cool]
Stress Explosion: [Rampage]
Colors: Eye[Indigo], Hair[Blonde]

Athletics: 2
Affection: 2
Skill: 1
Cunning: 1
Luck: 1
Will: 2

Spirit: 20


The older sister to Ujie Nakae, and the second child born to the Ujie Family. Not being the first born, she is not expected to carry on the Ujie family business. However, she is not allowed to do whatever she wants like Nakae, because she is being trained in case anything unexpected happens to her older brother. As a result, she is left with feelings of annoyance towards both of her siblings. Since her older brother is the ‘more important’ sibling, she usually takes her frustration out on Nakae, which often takes the form of teasing, pestering, and generally harassing her.

She hardly recognizes her own talents in the arts, regarding it mostly as a distraction from her business training that she’ll likely never need anyway. But she is impressive in all forms of art, from drawing, painting, and music, and her talents have even garnered attention from the artistic community.

Ujie Tameno

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