A particularly tall, gangly woman with no figure and girlish features


Athletics 1 (base 2, lolita -1)
Affection 2 (base 3, cool -1)
Skill 4 (base 2, cool +1, favor +1)
Cunning 2 (base 2)
Luck 4 (base 3, lolita +1)
Will 2 (base 2)

Lolita (luck +1, athletics -1)
Cool (skill +1, affection -1)

Uniform: Gold
Eyes: Silver
Hair: Pink
Skin: Dark

4—Special Qualities
Relationship (mentor; Orange Cream)
Perversion (masochist)

5—Et Cetera
Roots: Orphan
Stress Explosion: Crying
Weapon: Bokken
Physical Complex: Tall
Mental Complex: Ignorant of the Ways of the World

Saw It (You can declare that you’ve seen something happening in the mansion; you can decide the timing too.)

Spirit: 20

8—Name, Age & Details
Name: Siobahn
Age: 22 years
Height: 6’4”
Weight: 125 lbs.


Siobahn (“Bahn-chan”) was an orphan from an undetermined exotic land, one of those strange, mysterious places where people are tall and have (natural!) dark skin. While on vacation in said exotic land, the heads of the house took a shine to her when she was still just a baby. Siobahn knows this much, but the details have never been relayed to her. She has convinced herself over the years that it is a story of heartfelt compassion, love and all manner of drama.

Siobahn has always known the life of a maid, as that is what she was raised as for as long as she can remember. Nothing has come naturally to her, however. By now most tasks are second-nature to her, but she’s had to work hard to polish and each and every one of her skills. By result, she is cool, calm and collected at most times, especially in the presence of guests. Siobahn has, however, developed a knack for being in the right place at the right time, witnessing virtually any noteworthy event that takes place inside the mansion on the manor grounds. She has become a sort of wellspring of information about the manor, the grounds and the inhabitants. She was thus hand-picked to join Ujie Nakae in her move to the new mansion, specifically to keep an eye on things.

Perhaps inverse to common social stigma, Siobahn thinks nothing of her unappealing figure but has come to loathe her height. On top of her less-than-stellar physical capabilities, this interferes with her work often enough to really bother her. It has become something of a complex to fret over the fact that nothing is proportioned for her, as everything from door frames to kitchen equipment can provide challenges in day-to-day life.

As far as past-times go, Siobahn has picked reading. On almost every break, she can be found somewhere in the mansion, sitting and reading. Her choice genre is drama, though she has been witnessed reading virtually every manner of book she can get her hands on. On top of this, having almost never left the mansion means that she is not one bit of worldly-wise, and would be lost outside the confines of the estate grounds.

While never particularly neglected, Siobahn’s adopters (the heads of the house) have never treated her as a daughter. She was never even given a last name to tie her to any kind of family. This lack of true parental guidance has left her somewhat lacking for attention, and so she has latched onto the only kind she regularly receives—discipline. Rarely physical and most often verbal, Siobahn has come to find a sort of perverse pleasure in being ‘abused,’ such as it is.

Orange Cream, on the other hand, has proven to be much more experienced with the outside world, and is generally dressed to be the epitome of a disciplinary. Siobahn has come to regard her as a sort of mentor, a teacher in the ways of the world that she knows not of.

Her room is clean and tidy, one bed, one desk, one chair. She has a tall, thin bookshelf in which she keeps her modicrum of books, the occasional gift or purchase. A rack on the wall holds a half-dozen bokken for reasons unexplained. She has a modest closet for her several sets of uniforms, all identical. Siobahn owns no other clothes.


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