Kuonji Shinra


Athletics: 2
Affection: 3
Skill: 1
Cunning: 5
Luck: 2
Will: 1

Favor: 6
Spirit: 10

Maid Types:
Cool, Sexy

Maid Power: Coercion

Weapon: Western Sword (rapier)

Special Qualities:
Princess, Trauma (family breakup)

Maid Roots: Business
Stress Explosion: Teasing

Black uniform with gold chasing, red eyes, dark green hair


Kuonji Shinra has fallen a long way. At one time, she was mistress of a large estate and a famous orchestra conductor. All that ended when a small spat between her, her sisters, and their maids (and butler) – who were practically part of the family themselves – erupted into scandal. She understandably doesn’t like to talk about it, even to dispel the many rumors surrounding the event. What is known for certain is that it drove a wedge through the formerly close-knit family, driving her away from them and even causing her to abandon her musical career.

When the Kuonji family split up, Shinra followed Natose to the Ujie household. There she accepted a position as a maid, but she makes no bones about the fact that she’s working there purely for the money. With her natural cunning, amazing looks, and gleefully teasing and hedonistic usage of both, she’ll no doubt soon have made all the money she needs, despite the beating her spirit has taken since the split with her family.

Luke was just playing around with the system to recreate anime characters. Not much randomness involved.

Kuonji Shinra

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