Oyama Michichika


Age: 25
Colors: Eye[Cream], Hair[Black], Suit[Purple]

Types: [Gothic], [Veteran]
Powers: [Consequences], [Meatshield]
Special Qualities: [Narrow Eyes], [Android]
Weapons: [Grappling Martial Arts], [Internal]
Roots: [Loyalty]

Athletics: 7
Affection: 3
Skill: 4
Cunning: 4
Luck: 2
Will: 9


Loyal servant of Ujie Hirataka-sama, Oyama-san is a very accomplished butler. He is very proficient in Aikido, and takes his duties very seriously.

Of course, he is actually a combat android prototype built by the SDF. Once his model went into production, Oyama-san was given to the Ujie family because of their funding. He was assigned the role of personal butler to Hirataka-sama, and has been with him ever since. His internal weaponry is still mostly active, but he doesn’t use it if he can help it. After all, he’s a civilian now.

In recent years, perhaps due to Hirataka-sama’s influence, Oyama-san has begun to have odd personality quirks. For instance, when ordered by Hirataka-sama to ‘borrow’ the underwear of the lolita-maids in the house, he also took Nakae-sama’s underwear, but didn’t actually hand them over to his master.

Oyama Michichika

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