Athletics: 6
Affection: 3
Skill: 4
Cunning: 3
Luck: 3
Will: 8

Favor: 6
Spirit: 80

Butler Types:
Shadow, Partner

Butler Powers:
Twisted Love, Now You See Her…

Security, Exotic Weapons (kunai)

Butler Qualities:
One Eye, A Woman

Butler Roots: Loyalty

Black suit with white details, blue eye and hair


Natose was originally a maid, but the same scandal that rocked Japan’s upper crust and saw Shinra and Ageha forced to find work as maids gave Natose a chance to truly stand out and she was hired as a butler, bodyguard, and security expert by the Ujie family. Ever devoted to her original mistress, she insisted that they hire Shinra as well.

Luke was just playing around with the system to recreate anime characters. Not much randomness involved.


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