Nasu Yasutsune

The New, Unwilling Master of Ujie Manor


Gender: Male
Age: 18

Special Qualities: [Royalty] and [Accessory(Spikes)]

Master Type: [Layman]
Favorite Maid Type: [Cool]
Power Source: [Military Might] and [Assets]
Stress Explosion: [Stealing]
Colors: Eye[Orange], Hair[Orange]

Athletics: 2
Affection: 1
Skill: 1
Cunning: 1
Luck: 1
Will: 2

Spirit: 20


A former leader of a minor street gang based in Osaka, Nasu Yasutsune was living a relatively boring life of street-fights and petty theft. However, his life took a dramatic turn of events when a young girl dressed in a butler uniform appeared out of nowhere while he was hanging with his gang, beat the hell out of all his minions, and dragged him off to ‘who-knows-where’.

Of course, ‘who-knows-where’ turned out to be the Ujie Manor, where he’s been informed he is an illegitimate offspring of a family member, and is now the #1 successor to the Ujie family business due to an accident in the family. His cousin, Ujie Nakae objects to this, mostly because she wanted Yasutsune all to herself.

Will he return to his petty gang-life in Osaka? Will he agree to take on the Ujie family business? Or will he stay with Nakae?

He has been given the secondary Master Bedroom to use as his own. It has a comfortable bed, some dressers, and that’s about it. Considering he hasn’t been here long, that shouldn’t be too surprising.

Nasu Yasutsune

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