Ujie Nakae

The Young Master of Ujie Manor


Gender: Female
Master Type: [Legitimate Child]
Age: 11

Master Special Qualities: [Hedonist] and [Family Hate]
Trauma: [In love with Cousin] (Nasu Yasutsune)
Power Source: [Political Power] and [Renown]

Favorite Maid Type: [Pure]
Stress Explosion: [Violence]
Colors: Eye[Red], Hair[Orange]

Athletics: 2
Affection: 2
Skill: 1
Cunning: 2
Luck: 2
Will: 2

Spirit: 20


Nakae-sama is the youngest heiress to the Ujie name, one of the largest suppliers of military hardware to the JSDF. Being the youngest, she’s mostly been left out of the day-to-day running of the family business and has been pampered for most of her life. She hates this pampering, but doesn’t seem to want to do anything about it.

She spends most of her day lounging around in the Ujie Manor, hiding from her blood-related family, enjoying the finer things in life. What she considers her ‘real family’ are the maids that make up her personal entourage. As such, she likes her servants enough to allow them to call her on a first-name basis, if they wish. However, there is one blood relative that she hasn’t seen for a long time, and she thinks of rather fondly…

Her room, being the primary Master Bedroom of the mansion, is quite spacious. One can determine Nakae-sama’s love of plush, as nearly everything is extremely soft to the touch. She also has a vast collection of plushies, kept on her bed or displayed around the room on dressers and desks. It’s almost like walking into an entirely different world.

Ujie Nakae

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