Itakura Morie

Nakae-sama's Personal Butler and Best Friend


Age: 11
Colors: Eye[Blue], Hair[Light Gray], Suit[Silver]

Types: [Shadow] and [Monster]
Powers: [Now You See Him…] and [Limiter]
Special Qualities: [A Woman] and [Attractive]
Weapons: [Torture Implements] and [Morning Star]
Roots: Affection

Athletics: 4 [2 + 2]
Affection: 2
Skill: 4
Cunning: 5
Luck: 2
Will: 6

Favor: 4
Spirit: 60


Morie-chan’s family has been the bodyguards and butlers of the Ujie family for generations. Since Nakae-sama and Morie-chan were born on the same month of the same year, they have been inseparable for their entire lives. Morie-chan is Nakae-sama’s closest friend and most trusted ally… and she takes this very seriously. Perhaps there’s more than just ‘friendship’ on Morie-chan’s mind?

Having been trained by her family since she was two, Morie-chan has mastered most of the ninja techniques passed down through the generations. Her choice of a Morning Star as a weapon, while unusual for a ninja, works well with her monstrous strength. And honestly, who’s going to argue?

Morie-chan’s room is sparsely decorated. The only feature that stands out from normal is a set of katana on her dresser she received from her father for completing their families basic ninjitsu training. They’ve never been unsheathed, since her favored weapon is her trusty morningstar, but she keeps them around for their sentimental value.

After finally returning, Morie-chan’s secret mission was to ‘persuade’ Nasu Yasutsune-sama to come to the mansion. He seems rather reluctant to stay, but Morie-chan will make sure he stays…

Itakura Morie

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