Hara Mitsue (原 光重)

Maid employed in the Ujie Manor. Her name roughly translates as: The Original Important Light


Age: 16 (Apparent)

Athletics: 1 (base 3 – 2 (Double Lolita)
Affection: 1
Skill: 3 (base 2 + 1 [Favor Purchase])
Cunning: 0
Luck: 4 (base 2 + 2 (Double Lolita)
Will: 1

Favor: 2
Spirit: 10

Maid Type:
Lolita (Double)

Black and Sky Blue

Eyes: Navy
Hair: Blue

Special Qualities:

Maid Root: Infiltrator
Stress Explosion: Spoiled Child
Weapon: Metal Bat

Maid Powers:
Teleport (You can go just about anywhere in the mansion instantly)
Escape (You can completely flee from a battle without taking any Stress)


Hara-san’s family lines are hard to trace. Possibly because she sees to it that what information is available has been thoroughly corrupted. What is known is: she is a vampire. When, why or how she became one…?

Her outward appearance is of a 16 year girl. Bright, happy and interested in all that goes on around her, she non-the-less shows a darker side, on occasion. The biggest clue to her age may be that when she is overly stressed, she becomes a spoiled brat. Whining and pleading with the master, and anyone else around, to save her. Her very Lolita side comes out strongest on these occasions, but with no real affection, it seldom works. Something that leads many to think her apparent age is close to her real age. That and her over, and frankly often annoying, use of “cutesy” words and phrases.

Close inspection of her body, if you live long enough to see, would show evidence of numerous piercings. Some old, some new. Whether these are attempts at decorations or something darker is anyone’s guess.

When angered, or perhaps for a bit of dark fun, she wields a metal bat. This is NOT a softball bat. This is a solid metal bat, made for combat and showing no real signs of wear, even though it has been in use for years.

Having no real athletic abilities or cunning, and lacking in any real ability to show affection, she is never-the-less capable of evading most real fights due to her high luck and her ability to escape. This is a product of her vampiric side. She is also able to move so swiftly that she seems to teleport from one place to another.

How she came to be employed in the mansion is not known. No one can remember employing her. But all the paperwork is correct and the contract has been signed. Did she use her abilities as a vampire to gain employment? Why? No one has been brave enough to ask…

Her bedroom is rather stark. The curtains are heavy, designed to limit sunlight. There is a desk and chair. There are no picture or posters. Nothing that adds life and character here. Utilitarian is the word that best describes this space. The one exception is an overly large and soft bed. It dominates the usable space.

Hara Mitsue (原 光重)

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