Ujie Manor

The Locale of our Story


Age: 65 years old

World: [Contemporary]
Mood: [Romance]/[Light-Hearted]/[Action]
Appearance: [Palatial Residence]
Color Scheme: [Vermillion] / [Gold]
Special Facilities: [Outdoor Pool] and [Secret Passages]


The Ujie Manor has served the Ujie family as a summer home for 65 years. However, it has been rarely used due to the eye-straining combination of Vermillion and Gold color scheme (the designer/architect was quickly fired after the unveiling of the mansion).

Other than the color, it is quite a magnificent mansion. It has its own outdoor pool and a lovely view of the surrounding mountains. It’s also rumored that there are numerous hidden passages throughout, most of which lead to areas unknown to all but the designer.

Currently, the Manor is occupied by Ujie Nakae and her small group of servants as she tries to escape the clutches of her annoying family. However, there does seem to be another reason she wishes to escape their view…

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Ujie Manor

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