Nakatomi Kazue

The Apprentice Maid of the Household


Maid Type: Heroine

Athletics: 2
Affection: 1
Skill: 1
Cunning: 2
Luck: 0
Will: 3

Spirit: 30

Special Qualities:
  • Glasses: Kazue-chan has to wear glasses as she is extremely nearsighted. Without them, she’s practically blind.
  • Accessory(Large Ribbon): Her favorite possession, Kazue-chan wears a large ribbon at all times. It was given to her by a now-deceased relative that was very close to her.

Maid Roots: Distant Relative- Kazue-chan is distantly related to the Ujie family. She is the daughter of Nakae-sama’s grandfather’s cousin’s nephew. Needing a job, but not closely related enough to inherit any part of the Ujie fortune, they hired her as an apprentice maid.
Stress Explosion: Running Away- When Kazue-chan gets incredibly stressed, she tends to run away from anything and everything. Once she calms down, she always comes back very embarrased.

Physical Complex: Big Breasts- While not particularly over-sized, Kazue-chan always thinks her breasts get in the way of work. She wishes they could be smaller, and now being surrounded by loli’s is likely to cause some frustration.
Mental Complex: Physical Affection- Kazue-chan is an introverted pervert. She longs for close, physical contact with others (males or females), but this conflicts with her sense of decency and old-fashioned attitude. Needless to say, she is likely to have some troubles in this household.

Maid Colors:
Clothes: Vermillion & Pink
Eyes: Sky Blue
Hair: Navy


A recent ‘acquisition’ to the Ujie-family’s Maid Corps., Kazue-chan is merely an apprentice maid under Okabe Hideyo. She is a very distant relative to the Ujie Family, but not close enough to take part in the family business. So, when she was in need, they gave her a job in their Maid Corps.

Kazue-chan tries not to stand out much, and tends to run away from anything too stressful. She’s almost completely blind without her glasses, and tends to fret over the size of her breasts too much(even though they’re not that large, she says they’re uncomfortable and get in the way).

Perhaps because of Hideyo-san’s influence, Kazue-chan has started to become interested in her own body… and in the bodies of others. Especially girls’ bodies. Her old-fashioned ideals from her upbringing tells her she really shouldn’t be. She wants to feel others, and for others to feel her. But she knows she shouldn’t. But…

Apprentice Maid

Kazue-chan is an apprentice maid. That means she isn’t quite a full maid: She has no maid powers, only one maid type, and lower stats. Also, if she goes below 0 favor, she’s immediately expelled from the mansion… no lowering stats to make up for it.

She does have two advantages. First, when in combat with full maids, the full maids cannot use their favor to temporarily boost their rolls… apprentice maids are lowly creatures that should not warrant the need for such use of favor. Secondly, whenever Kazue-chan earns favor, full maids that witnessed the action can also grant her bonus favor (bonus favor = favor earned).

Nakatomi Kazue

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