Ujie Hirataka


Gender: Male Master Type: Natural Born
Age: 23

Master Special Qualities: [Bishonen], [Hedonist]
Power Source: [Fear], [Military Might]

Favorite Maid Type: [Pure], [Lolita]
Stress Explosion: [Complaining]
Colors: Eye[Gold], Hair[Purple]

Athletics: 1
Affection: 1
Skill: 1
Cunning: 2
Luck: 2
Will: 2


The (former) heir of the Ujie family company. Publicly, he was said to have been kidnapped, or at least disappeared without warning. But this was really a cover story, as he went into hiding due to accusations (baseless, according to Hirataka-sama) of fraud, bribery, and skimming of funds. This was fine with him, as he’s already gotten all the money he needs to live a very comfortable life.

Hirataka-sama is a very handsome young man, but is single because of his… ‘tastes’. He seems to be a lolicon, and has recently taken an interest in several of his sister’s maids. He is rather lazy, and seems rather harmless. It’s his butler that anyone should probably keep an eye on.

Ujie Hirataka

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