Okabe Hideyo

The 'Interesting' New Maid to the Household


Maid Types: Sexy/Heroine

Athletics: 2
Affection: 3
Skill: 2
Cunning: 4
Luck: 1
Will: 2

Spirit: 20

Special Qualities:
  • Perversion(Masochist)- Hideyo-san has some… interesting hobbies. Most of which involve chains. And being tied up. But when you combine the two, she’s in heaven.
  • Overactive Imagination- Everyone has an imagination, but Hideyo-san’s is a little different than others. A lot of the times, she thinks of her favorite hobby(see her other Special Quality). But there are other things she thinks about… like covering herself in whipped cream. But she doesn’t actually act on these imaginings. Most of the time, anyway.

Maid Roots: Admirer of Maids- Hideyo-san holds those who serve others in high regard. She knows that, without maids behind them, most Masters would be unable to hold power for long. So, she has dedicated herself to this most noble of pursuits. The hard work and ‘discipline’ is another aspect that’s appealing to her.
Stress Explosion: Teasing- When Hideyo-san gets stressed, she can’t help but tease others around her. She is careful not to cross the line into her ‘hobbies’, but sometimes she just can’t help herself.
Maid Weapons: Chain- Hideyo-san’s weapon of preference is the same tool she uses to pursue her ‘hobby’.
Maid Power: Instant Restraint- Thanks to her ‘hobby’, Hideyo-san is very proficient in the use of chains and knows the best and quickest ways to ‘restrain’ people. Although, she usually prefers to have herself being the one ‘restrained’, so she rarely uses this talent.

Maid Colors:
Uniform: Silver & Purple
Eyes: Violet
Hair: Black


Name: Okabe Hideyo
Age: 22

Sent by the Ujie family to help assist in the increased demand of maids in Nakae-sama’s household. And to help train Nasu-sama for his new responsibilities. And to help keep an eye on the household for the main family.

Of course, why they sent Hideyo-san will likely forever remain a mystery, as she doesn’t seem interested in doing any of those things. She never takes anything seriously, and just wants to take care of her typical maid-ing duties.

She does have an interesting ‘hobby’ she is completely enthralled with. She understands that her interests are different from others, so doesn’t try to force her hobby on others. Suggesting they do is alright, but there’s no expectations… just hopes.

Okabe Hideyo

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