Kuki Ageha


Athletics: 5
Affection: 0
Skill: 2
Cunning: 2
Luck: 1
Will: 3

Favor: 0
Spirit: 30

Maid Types:
Cool, Boyish

Maid Power:
Iron Will (can use Athletics to defend up to two other characters)

Weapon: Hand-to-hand

Special Qualities:
Princess, Delinquent (bad expression)

Maid Roots: Childhood Friend
Stress Explosion: Rampage

Colors: Indigo uniform with metallic details, tawny eyes, silver hair


No one is quite sure why Ageha has appealed to her friend in the Ujie household for a job as a maid, and her old classmate was kind enough not to ask questions. Her arrival shortly after Shinra’s was far quieter, but that very lack of public scandal has simply fueled the rumors among the Ujie household. Theories about her arrival range from fulfilling some sort of rivalry with or vendetta against Kuonji to lying low after committing some crime to having been cast out by her parents.

Luke was just playing around with the system to recreate anime characters. Not much randomness involved.

Kuki Ageha

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