Goshujin Piece

Unexpected Guest

A morning like any other...

When it’s time to get the day started, Head Maid Siobahn-chan orders the other three to start making breakfast while she wakes up Master Nakae-sama. Unfortunately, Nikki Terumi-chan is still asleep, as she usually is, forcing Orange Cream-chan to ‘gently’ wake her up… with threats she didn’t have to act on, thankfully.

Once they’re finally in the kitchen, the three begin preparations for breakfast: Miso, Pan-fried Turkey Pizza-ghetti with Garlic Bread, and Pecan-Marshmallow Sweet Rolls for dessert. The miso and sweet rolls turns out very well, but the rest… not so much. When it starts emitting noxious fumes, Terumi-chan helpfully whips up a fruit and vegetable dish as a replacement, despite Hara Mitsue (原 光重)-chan’s insistence that it’s still good.

Siobahn-chan successfully wakes Nakae-sama with a song, helps her dress appropriately, and heads down to breakfast. Other than the smell of burnt turkey, Nakae-sama doesn’t suspect a thing went wrong with breakfast. Work goes smoothly that morning, with Terumi-chan keeping Nakae-sama company playing videogames in the game room. Cream-chan’s martial-arts weeding in the garden is especially entertaining to watch.

With Lunch rolling around, the maids head for the kitchen. Foie Gras and Smoked Salmon on mini-toasts, Tofu-Tuna-Veggie Kabobs, Corned Beef Hash, and Sticky Toffee Pudding for dessert is on the menu. Nakae-sama is lured by the smell of food, and arrives just as lunch is finished being prepared. Nothing particularly interesting happens during lunch, and time for afternoon work rolls around.

Nakae-sama takes a walk in the garden with the vampire Mitsue-chan (who uses an umbrella to keep the sun off of her), while the others begin work. Other than Siobahn-chan attempting to clean mold off the tiles in the bathrooms with oven cleaner, nothing disastrous happens, and dinner quickly rolls around.

Mitsue-chan, frustrated with her lack of cooking skills in the previous meals, throws caution to the wind and starts cooking up a pot of what she call “Mitsue Surprise.” To go along with it is Grilled Eel, Sauteed Vegetables, and Creme Brulee. Siobahn-chan winds up burning the hell out of the vegetables. Cream-chan helps salvage the vegetables while she berates Siobahn-chan for screwing up so badly, much to Siobahn-chan’s delight. Nakae-sama, once again allured by the smell of food, enters the kitchen during Siobahn-chan’s waves of ecstasy. Deciding she must be interrupting something, she heads for the dining room.

Dinner goes without a hitch, the vegetables are even salvaged enough that she didn’t notice they were originally burnt. After dinner, Cream-chan and Terumi-chan go to help Nakae-sama take a bath, while the other two clean the dishes. But, while Nakae-sama and her two helpers are naked (with wisps of steam to cover anything inappropriate for viewers), there is a loud clatter back in the main entrance hall! The master suddenly leaps up, grabs a towel to wrap around herself, and runs out of the bathroom, with the two maids (also in towels) in hot pursuit!

Siobahn-chan and Mitsue-chan are the first to arrive, and find the butler, Itakura Morie-chan, has at last returned to the mansion… carrying a large wooden box that looks not unlike a coffin with something inside causing a racket. Opening up the box, an orange-haired delinquent comes tumbling out. His first view is the upper floor, staring up at the two maids wrapped only in towels and getting a look of something he probably shouldn’t see. But before he can be properly pounded, Nakae-sama throws herself into the guy’s arms while yelling, “Onii-sama!”

After everyone changes back into proper clothing, Nakae-sama introduces the newcomer as her cousin: Nasu Yasutsune. She seems to have quite an affection for him…

New Character Added: Nasu Yasutsune
Updated Character: Ujie Nakae, Itakura Morie
Updated Pages: Favor Scoreboard, Stress Scoreboard



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