Goshujin Piece

Fluffy Monkeys for Tea

Dear Diary-sama,

I had fluffy monkey dreams again, the kind with the polka dot bonets and silver sneakers. I think they followed me from the last dream with the tasty, singing cookies. I think I’ve seen them before that, but it’s cloudy. Not outside though, it’s sunny today.That reminds me; I need to go home next weekend and see if my parents sold my bunny slippers. It gets cold here at night. The fluffy monkeys warned me Cream-san was coming early this morning, but I didn’t believe them. Reminder to self: Listen to the fluffy monkeys. Cream-san came early, but I couldn’t hear her, so I tried to roll over, but she stood over me and was yelling something about laps. For some reason that reminded me of running barefoot around the house in my Sailor Moon pajamas. Maybe that’s where the tear came from? I thought that was just a dream…another question for those know-it-all monkeys.

I made something for breakfast. Pancakes, yummy. I put syrup and sprinkles on Nakae-sama’s, but not too much, because she just likes them “moist”. But she got mad at me when I brought them because she wanted them like Nasu’s. Nasu-san covered his in more syrup than I use, and then he poured table sugar on it again. Well, he thought it was table sugar. I made sure to put the salt near him, blaming it on Mitsue since she brought in that. It wasn’t terribly hard, but I feel kind of bad for the salt. It deserves to be eaten by a better person. He talks to me like I’m a little kid. Reminder: add vinegar to his wash this afternoon.

Good afternoon Diary-sama,

I didn’t get a chance to write earlier because these crazy people came and tried to kidnap Nasu-san, I think. Maybe he’s the chosen one of prophecy, or a frog prince, but backwards. They set up this playground in the yard with lots of water. I thought maybe we could go swimming, but I don’t know how to swim, so I thought maybe I’d go take a nap in the trophy room sofa again, but Cream-san wouldn’t let me. They wanted me to compete in some contest where Nasu-san is the prize. I tried to give up, but they didn’t let me. I don’t know why anyone cares about Nasu-san anyway.

I got to cheer lead for a few minutes while Cream-san and Siobahn-san played in the playground. It was a lot of fun, but then they put me on this platform and these crazy girls with swords were like “prepare to die!” and I got scared. I don’t really remember what happened after that so much, but I think we had tea. I had milk tea with extra sugar, Mitsue had jasmine tea with honey. I think the crazy girls with the swords had some too, and then we all went for a swim. Mitsue was upset about them joining us, because she left real quick. Oh I forgot! That girl with the thin sword licked me at some point. Maybe she thought I was a cookie? I’ve made that mistake before when I tried to eat Cream-san two mornings ago.

I think I’m going to make cookies tonight so this mistake doesn’t happen again. I’ll make some for everyone, except Nasu. I’ll make some pudding for him and drip it slowly through the vent over his bed. I forgot to tell you… I found that the vent is closest to the one in the upstairs bath. All I have to do is get a tube and I think I can drop some on his head. If Nakae-sama thinks he’s cake, do you think she will eat him? Maybe I can have some cake, too. Oh, that sound delicious! Off to make a cake! Bye! ;3

Oh I forgot! I have to make a double batch for Cream-san! I heart Cream-san!

Nikki Terumi



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