Goshujin Piece

Feb 26 2010

Morning exercise: stretches, 50 jumping jacks, 20 chin-ups, 4 klick run – short run today so wouldn’t be gone too long with that yankee Nasu in the mansion.

Waking up Terumi-chan getting harder. Her memory of pajama laps must be fading; should consider doing again. (Friendliness note: be ready with warm fluffy towel for when she finishes.) Made pecan-marshmallow sweet rolls for Morie-san in exchange for her waking Nakae-sama. Should have done it myself, but still not sure what to do with little kids. Nakae-sama woke up Nasu, though I gather she had trouble getting into his room.

Mitsue-chan still hasn’t developed basic maid skills and badly burned the rice she tried to fry; made her wash the dishes before she could eat. Nasu seemed unhappy with the selection at breakfast, or lack thereof. OH NOES.

Captain Whiskers-sama knocked over some of my chemicals while I was cleaning the stain in the bathroom Siobahn-san mentioned. Saw them start to bubble, grabbed the neko-sama, and ran out too quickly to see which chemicals mixed, but they seem to have done the trick. Everything’s squeaky-clean as one of my uniforms in there.

Mitsue-chan seems to have damaged the floor in the front hall somehow. Made mental note to fix tomorrow. (Friendliness note: Way to work with Mitsue-chan on skills nicely?) Maybe thought too much about it – didn’t remember to wash cleaning chemicals from hands before lunch, made v. shiny salad. Not mentioned, but salad uneaten and Nakae-sama visibly displeased. (Making salad checklist?)

Nakae-sama, Morie-san, and yankee running around house again. Going to ride scooter or swim laps before dinner.

- Orange Cream



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