Goshujin Piece

Diary of Siobahn, an excerpt

The heir of the Ujie family has disappeared and nobody even so much as bats an eye. Instead of talking about finding him, they’re talking about replacing him. Replacing him with a boy who, as near as I can tell, has not had half the upbringing even I have. Nasu-sama doesn’t even have a coat. Am I the only one who finds all this strange?

Tameno-sama and Nakae-sama decided to fight over who gets to “keep” him. I feel sorry for Nasu-sama; I don’t expect him to stand for this kind of treatment for very long. Maybe he’ll up and vanish again.

Still, Master’s order are Master’s orders, and when asked to rise to an occasion, we must obey. I put all our eggs in one basket when I assigned Cream-san and myself to the obstacle course, opting to hope for the best when I put Mitsue-san and Terumi-san on the Combat Team.

I have never said I was the most fit of maids, but I do believe I did very well. We made it through the obstacles all in good time, finishing most of them first with plenty of time to spare. I did a fine job cooking, and a downright spectacular job on the cleaning and mending. We aced the so-called “obstacle” course with an overall score of about 3 to 1. I’m not entirely sure Tameno-sama’s people could be considered maids.

I’m just crossing my fingers that tomorrow goes well enough for Mitsue-san and Terumi-san. We’re in a huge lead, and the competition didn’t seem particularly competant, but anything can happen, really.



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