Goshujin Piece

Crisis in the Mansion!

At last, on the day after her arrival, Tameno-sama reveals her reason for her visit: She is here to take Nasu-san away to train him to be the next leader of the Ujie family business! Apparently, Tameno-sama and Nakae-sama’s older brother had gone missing…

As such, the family needs a replacement, which would have been Tameno-sama. Unfortunately, she doesn’t really want the responsibility, so she needed to find a blood relative older than her. There was only one candidate: Nasu-sama.

Needless to say, Nakae-sama is distressed over possibly losing her beloved Onii-sama. So, they decide to hold a contest. A contest to determine which sisters’ maids are more suited to serve Nasu-sama.

The first event is an obstacle course featuring both water hazards and tasks common to what maids are expected to do. The Nakae-team consisted of Orange Cream-chan and Siobahn-chan. Facing off against the Tameno-team of Kuonji Shinra-san and Kuki Ageha-san, the Nakae-team fell behind right from the start with Siobahn-chan immediately falling into the water in the very first obstacle.

But, the Nakae-team was able to catch up, and even surpass the Tameno-team. Even with Siobahn-chan’s constant falling into the water hazards, and even dragging Cream-chan in at one point, they stayed ahead and finished with a very comfortable lead.

So the first event went to the Nakae-team, but the next event would be a ‘bodyguard battle’. Both Nikki Terumi-chan and Hara Mitsue-chan would face Shinra-san and Ageha-san in a free for all… Do they stand a chance?

—To be Continued!

Updated Character Sheet: Nasu Yasutsune



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