Goshujin Piece

An entry from Mitsue's Diary

What a day!


I got permission again this morning to read some more cookbooks. I think I have a much better idea how to make a tasty meal. Now it’s time to put my new knowledge to good use. Today I KNOW I can make Tempura and everyone will love it.


Wow. What a day. First I did my best making Tempura. I know I followed the recipe. The ingredients were correct. The measurements were perfect. I added them in the correct order. Everything was perfect.

I forgot about the temperature. I guess I had too high a flame. The whole thing started to smoke and turn black. I tried to get it into the sink before anyone noticed. But I ended up having to wash the dishes as punishment.

Goshujin-sama and Morie-san arrived just as lunch was ready. That’s when we found out that our newest guest, Yasutsune-sama, was missing. Immediately, everyone fanned out throughout the house to find him. As soon as I finished the dishes, I teleported into the Billiard Room, but he wasn’t there. Morie-san was, though. I think I startled her by suddenly appearing near her. I will have to try not to scare people like that. But…

Then I realized I kinda smelled like smoke, from the Tempura. I thought that I would take a quick shower and change while everyone was busy. Just as I got my clothes off, in comes Terumi-san. I was so startled, it took me a few seconds before I grabbed a towel. She commented on my paleness. She seemed a bit sleepy. I hope she didn’t get a very good look at me.

After giving up on the shower, I teleported downstairs to the Living Room. Yasutsune-sama wasn’t there, but when I called out to him, I heard someone’s voice from the Entryway. When I walked in there, I saw him. He asked what was going on. I didn’t answer him directly. But as I answered him, I got closer to him. I was told to grab and hold him, so I was going to try. I’m not very strong, but I thought I could at least slow him down. Just as I was about to grab him, Goshujin-sama and Morie-san arrived. Goshujin-sama said “Grab him!”. Morie-san had grabbed him before I could even react. I grabbed him too. Then the other maids arrived and everyone pretty much jumped on him. I kinda felt sorry for him.

Just as we realized that he wasn’t going to be able to run off, the front doors flew open and four more ladies arrived.

I think the sight of five girls on top of one guy was amusing to them. One of them spoke up saying “That looks like fun”. I haven’t been that embarrassed since… well, since Terumi-san walked in on me in the bathroom.

-Hara Mitsue


Must remember to ask Nikki-chan about any piercings she might have seen….

An entry from Mitsue's Diary

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